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Respectful Workplace Program

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What is RWP?

The Respectful Workplace Program (RWP) is a service offered through the Employee Assistance and Respectful Workplace Division (EARWP) of the Public Service Commission (PSC). Employees can access confidential support and guidance on how to constructively respond to situations of conflict and/or to explore avenues of resolution.

It is the belief of RWP that conflict is a natural consequence when people work together and it can often be a healthy process that helps work groups to problem solve and reach a consensus. When conflicts do not get resolved, however, it can contribute to situations which are negative and stressful for everyone involved.

RWP was developed to provide individual employees, employees and co-workers, managers at all levels, work teams and departments with healthy options to address workplace conflict, through support, coaching and resolution options.

RWP Brochure (767 KB)

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Who is Eligible to Receive RWP Services?

To access the RWP Eligibility List, please see the file (70 KB).

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What Does RWP Cover?

RWP is a confidential choice available to all employees, government departments and some agencies. RWP offers:

  • confidential coaching and consultation;
  • mediation, facilitation and other problem solving supports;
  • workplace assistance when conflict affects the entire group;
  • training and information in building a psychologically healthy and respectful workplace environment; and
  • other forms of conflict resolution.

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How Does RWP Work?

Understanding your choices to deal with the issues of conflict impacting you in the workplace is a positive first step! Generally, issues of disrespect, conflict and harassment can often be addressed by speaking directly to the other party or with the assistance of your supervisor. However, contacting RWP can also be an appropriate first step in such incidents. It has the advantage over other options of being the most confidential. By involving RWP, the individual can choose to pursue conflict resolution options or simply to seek the confidential advice of an RWP Coordinator.

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Basic Principles of RWP

  • RWP is available to ALL employees, regardless of classification or level;
  • RWP is endorsed by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and its unions; and
  • privacy and confidentiality are paramount to RWP.

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Confidentiality of RWP

RWP is designed to allow you to resolve work place problems under strict privacy guidelines:

  • employers do not have access to your personal information;
  • if any information needs to be shared with your supervisor, your permission must be obtained first;
  • job security and opportunities for promotion will not be jeopardized simply by your participation in the program; and
  • limitations to the confidentiality agreement are clearly outlined by the RWP Coordinator at the earliest possible opportunity.

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Helpful Information

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Information for Service Providers

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