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The Cost of Conflict

Conflict is defined as a difference of values, wants, needs, or expectations. The workplace is a diverse environment involving people with different values, wants, needs and expectations. As a result, conflicts may naturally occur. The issue is not whether conflicts exist but rather how we deal with those conflicts or what happens when they are not appropriately addressed. The impact of conflict in the workplace can be devastating to the individuals involved, to colleagues and teams, to clients and to the business and organization as a whole. Some of the results of unresolved conflict in the workplace include:

  • stress, frustration and anxiety;
  • loss of sleep;
  • strained relationships;
  • absenteeism;
  • presenteeism;
  • employee turnover;
  • loss of productivity;
  • increased client complaints;
  • sabotage;
  • injury and accidents;
  • disability claims; and
  • sick leave.

These symptoms of unresolved conflict are a significant cost factor to departments. To access additional information, please click Did You Know, also located in the Helpful Information section of this website.

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