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Capacity Building Initiatives

Capacity Building is about developing the skills, knowledge, and the capacity of a workplace to respond to employee challenges and conflicts. In Capacity Building each person takes a more integrated partnering role, bringing together their combined commitment and strengths in order to create a better work environment. This can involve coordinating an RWP Committee, organizing a workplace social function, or as fundamental as helping a co-worker, dealing with a workplace conflict, to find the help they need. It is about each person doing their part to make a positive impact in the workplace.

One way to think about whether a workplace action involves capacity building is to hold it up against the following guidelines:

  • Working in a collaborative partnership with co-workers, unions, managers.
  • Supporting full workplace involvement and decision making.
  • Working from a solution focused approach.

If, when we look at our actions, we can agree to at least some of these characteristics, chances are we are engaged in workplace capacity building.

Remember, Capacity Building is:

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