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Employee Assistance Joint Labour Management Committee - Terms of Reference


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a joint program of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and its unions/associations. The purpose of the program is to provide employees with an opportunity to access, when necessary, professional counseling services. The program is also intended to act as a supportive resource to employees and managers throughout government and agencies scheduled to the Public Service Commission Act. The Joint Labour Management Committee and its representatives of the unions, the management association and the employer recognizes that most personal and work related problems can be addressed, especially when identified early and when a referral is made to an appropriate source of help.

Composition of the Committee:

The committee is comprised of 5 members as listed below. The position of chairperson and secretary shall alternate yearly between an employer representative and a union/association representative.

  • Director or Coordinator of EAP – one representative;
  • Human Resource Secretariat - one representative;
  • Public Service Commission – one representative;
  • Newfoundland Association of Public Employees- one representative; and
  • CUPE (School Board) – one representative.

Jurisdiction of the Committee:

The committee functions in a consultative capacity and provides recommendations to the employer and unions on matters related to EAP. The committee shall not override the employers’ rights and responsibilities to manage, nor affect the unions’ rights as established by law and collective agreements. A quorum shall consist of a minimum of 4 members.


  1. to oversee the effective operation of the policy and procedures of the program as agreed upon by the PSC/employer and the union/associations;
  2. to serve as an advisory to the Employee Assistance Program in policy, procedures and practices;
  3. to ensure that steps are taken to promote awareness and a full understanding of the program to employees;
  4. to ensure that adequate training is provided to managers, supervisors and union representatives; and
  5. to review annual reports of EAP.

Frequency of Meetings:

The frequency of the meetings shall be determined by the committee however the committee will meet not less than four times per year. The date of the following meeting will be established prior to the adjournment of the current meeting.


Agenda items shall be submitted ten days prior to the meeting. The chair shall approve the agenda in advance of each meeting to ensure that appropriate time is allocated for agenda items.

Record of Meetings:

The minutes of meetings will be reviewed and adopted at the beginning of each meeting. Any changes will be made and recorded in subsequent meeting minutes. The Public Service Commission will be responsible for recording the minutes and ensuring that copies are distributed in advance of the meeting to the committee members.

Location of Meetings:

Meetings will be held at the Public Service Commission, during normal working hours.

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