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Through an arms-length position, the Public Service Commission administers the processes established to resolve complaints arising from a number of different policies and programs, as well as providing support services to departments in the resolution of conflicts within their organizations.

Classification Appeals

The Division administers the preparation, coordination and conduct of Classification Appeal Board proceedings.

Classification Appeals – Bargaining Unit Employees

Classification Appeals – Management Employees

Additional information on the classification processes can be found at Classification and Compensation Division Resources.

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Commission Hearings

The Division also facilitates the conduct of Commission Hearings undertaken in accordance with the Public Service Commission Act .

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Conflict of Interest

The Division responds to inquiries for advice on the application and interpretation of the Conflict of Interest Act and facilitates referrals by Deputy Ministers to the Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee. The Conflict of Interest Advisor is available to provide information and advice to public service managers and employees.

If you receive a salary or other compensation from Government or a Government Agency, Board or Commission, the Conflict of Interest Act applies to you.

If you are employed by a Government Department, Agency, Board or Commission, you must not:

  • release directly or indirectly information or documents which are confidential;
  • use information obtained at work to your advantage or another’s advantage;
  • use your position to influence a decision to benefit you or a member of your family;
  • accept a contract for additional services from your employing department; and
  • accept a gift or personal benefit that is connected, directly or indirectly, with the performance of your duties.

If you are no longer employed by a Government Department, Agency, Board or Commission, you must not:

  • accept a contract with your former department for one year after leaving unless a waiver is issued by the Deputy Minister; and
  • the Conflict of Interest Act contains other provisions as well that restrict certain activities post-employment. Please contact the Conflict of Interest Advisor for further information.

If you are about to start or have started an activity that may be a Conflict of Interest:

You must ensure your Deputy Minister or CEO is aware of your paid or unpaid activity that may place you in a Conflict of Interest. The Deputy Minister or CEO will advise if you may continue with the activity, modify the activity or stop the activity.

A Deputy Minister may:

Seek advice on Conflict of Interest from the Conflict of Interest Advisor or the Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee at the Public Service Commission, please email conflictofinterest@gov.nl.ca or call 729-5800.

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