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About Serving on Agencies, Boards and Commissions

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is committed to a new merit-based process for Agencies, Boards and Commissions appointments – one that is open to all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. This process will ensure that positions are filled by the most qualified individuals and reflect the diversity of the population served.

Newfoundland and Labrador has over 200 Agencies, Boards and Commissions which are focused on diverse tasks that include developing our natural resources, delivering important public services, adjudicating complaints or resolving appeals, and providing independent advice to Government.

Agencies, Boards and Commissions consist of six distinct types:

  1. Crown Corporations
  2. Operational and Regulatory Bodies
  3. Adjudicative Bodies
  4. Advisory Boards
  5. Self-Regulating Occupation/Industry Boards
  6. External and Intergovernmental Boards

Other key Characteristics of Agencies, Boards and Commissions include:

  • are accountable to Government in accordance with the Transparency and Accountability Act;
  • are established by Government but are not part of a Government department;
  • have some degree of autonomy from Government;
  • Government holds the primary power of appointment;
  • are excluded from the Financial Administration Act but to which Government makes at least one representative appointment; and/or
  • to which Government has assigned or delegated authority and responsibility, or which otherwise has statutory authority and responsibility to perform a public function or service.

People throughout Newfoundland and Labrador serve by sitting on these entities as members of the governing boards of Crown Corporations and Operational and Regulatory Bodies, as tribunal members on Adjudicative Bodies, as expert members of Advisory Boards, or as the province’s representative on Occupational, Industry, External and Intergovernmental boards. Each of these roles is diverse in the skillset required, and in the commitment demanded.

Most appointments for Agencies, Boards and Commissions are part-time and are for designated terms – typically three to five years. In addition, time and travel commitments required vary by position and entity. The majority of these appointments are unpaid, with a small number of appointments receiving a stipend.

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