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Employee Assistance Program

What is it

The Employee Assistance Program is a joint program of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, The Newfoundland Association of Public Employees, and the Public Sector Managers' Association.

What It Does

The purpose of the Program is to provide any employees in the Newfoundland and Labrador Public Service with an opportunity to obtain help for personal problems that are either affecting, or have the potential to affect, work performance. Problems may be marital, family, financial, emotional or those associated with substance abuse, or gambling.

How It Works

Recognizing that a problem exists, an employee may seek assistance on their own initiative by contacting one of the Co-ordinators of the Employee Assistance Program. If work performance has deteriorated, the supervisor may make the referral on behalf of the employee, if the employee agrees to participate. The Co-ordinator will discuss with the employee, the nature of the problem, and provide immediate counselling if necessary, and/or refer the person to an outside helping agency.

Basic Principles of the Program

  • Confidentiality is protected
  • Job security and chances for promotion will not be jeopardized
  • The Program is voluntary
  • The Program is endorsed by both the Government and its Unions/Associations
  • The Program applies to all employees, regardless of classification or level

Your EAP Offers

  • Confidential assistance for personal difficulties
  • Crisis debriefing & grief counseling for individuals & groups
  • Help with workplace interpersonal conflicts
  • Workshops on the EAP process, stress management & managing change
  • Wellness promotion seminars

Who To Contact

Contact a Counselor Today
Telephone: (709) 729-2290
Toll Free: 1-888-729-2290

24 Hour Crisis Lines:

  • Mental Health Crisis Centre 1-888-737-4668
  • NL Sexual Assault Crisis & Prevention Centre 1-800-726-2743 or 726-1411
  • Gambling Crisis Line 1-888-899-4357(HELP)

Employee Supports

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